12 Ways to foster community engagement and cultural events

12 Ways to foster community engagement and cultural events Teaching young language learners a foreign language can be a rewarding experience, not only for educators but also for the students themselves. Beyond the language skills, it offers a unique opportunity to promote cultural awareness and foster a sense of community. In this blog post, we […]

Enhance Language Learning with Fun and Effective Multisensory Strategies for Kids

Enhance Language Learning with Fun and Effective Multisensory Strategies for Kids For young children, learning a new language may be a fascinating adventure. To make this experience both fun and effective, teachers and parents can use multisensory strategies. These strategies engage children’s senses, allowing them to learn and retain language skills more effectively. In this […]

Celebrate Halloween with little ones

Celebrate Halloween with little ones. Halloween is just around the corner. For many, it’s a season of thrills and chills, but when you have young children around, it takes on a different, but equally enchanting, dimension. The magic of Halloween can be shared with little ones in ways that spark their imagination and create cherished […]

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With Kids

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month With Kids We at Languages4kidz think it’s important for kids to gain exposure to languages other than their own early on so they can gain a better awareness of the world and its inhabitants. The past and present achievements of Hispanic and Latino Americans are woven into the fabric of Hispanic […]

Are you teaching online? Tips for Language Teachers 

Are you teaching online? Tips for Language Teachers  “Welcome to the virtual classroom of endless possibilities!” When choosing a venue to teach children online, keep the following points in mind: Select a small room in your home for your classes. Set it up with a desk, laptop, or computer, a simple, attractive, but practical background, […]

Creating a Rich and Engaging Early Language Learning Environment

Creating a Rich and Engaging Early Language Learning Environment Teaching a second language to young children can be a very gratifying experience, and creating the correct environment is critical to allowing good learning. It is critical to create an atmosphere of linguistic involvement and enjoyment in which each child and his family are welcomed and […]

We are happy to be back!

We are happy to be back after a rejuvenating summer break, and thrilled to share with you some exciting news!  We have revamped our 3 brands’ webpages.  They are loaded with an array of engaging English and Spanish teaching resources designed exclusively for young minds. 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 📝 What’s New? 🔹 Brand-new page designs loaded with […]

Cognates: Helping children recognize new words

Cognates help children recognize new words and understand their meaning. When teaching young learners an additional language (Spanish & English) it is important for teachers to develop ways to help them identify the words they don’t know, as well as strategies for getting their meaning. A useful tool to help children develop their comprehension skills […]

Principles for teaching early language learners

Today I would like to talk a little bit about our principles for teaching early language learners. What are the principles that drive our Curricula? LANGUAGES4KIDZ Curriculum Resources are: Child-centered They respect each child’s uniqueness, their stage of development, their needs, abilities, interests, learning strategies and learning styles.   Developmentally appropriate Lessons are planned around […]

Reading in English and Spanish for kids

Reading in English and Spanish with our beautiful Picture Books for kids. We now have all of our Picture Books in English and Spanish on the Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Paperback and the Caribu App. Our new interactive books on the Apple Store and Google Play for kids include animations and sounds […]

Best practices for teaching early language learners

Languages4kidz Curriculum Resources (English and Spanish) follow best researched practices for teaching early language learners. Children are born “citizens of the world” with regard to language. Research points that children growing up in a well-rounded environment learn to speak at least 2,000 basic words by the time they are four years old. Simply observing how […]

It’s Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate! Ideas, songs and activities

It’s Thanksgiving, let’s celebrate! Ideas, songs and activities. There is a magic flare that surrounds our homes and brings joy to many in different parts of the world. Everyone seems focused on family traditions and fiestas.” In only a week many of us will celebrate “Thanksgiving Day”. Talk with your family about the meaning of […]

Songs for kids – Languages4kidz – YouTube channel

Songs for kids in English and Spanish in our YouTube channel Check out our YouTube channel with songs for kids in Spanish and English. When exposing little ones to an additional language musical activities such as songs, nursery rhymes and finger plays are an excellent resource for introducing a particular theme, develop children’s understanding and […]

Action Songs, a great resource for teaching little ones Spanish and English

Action songs are a great resource when teaching little ones Spanish and/or English. They are meaningful, natural and fun. Singing nursery rhymes and songs to children as young as babies can help develop their language and communication skills from an early age.     Moreover, when little ones listen to the words of the songs and […]

Learning a new language, a priority for your child

Make learning a new language a priority for your child! A new year is here and with it the willingness to try new things, to discover new possibilities for your children! This new year, why not make a priority to expose your child to a new language? Research has proven the numerous benefits of getting […]

Have a gorgeous 2022!!!

A new year! A new beginning full of new opportunities and new projects! At Languages4kidz our project is to continue: Promoting bilingualism across the world . Contributing to children’s language development in two languages, Spanish and English. Helping children become bilingual, bi-literate citizens by providing them with quality educational resources. Fostering the development of children’s […]

6 tips for making Halloween special for little ones

Try these fun activities and share the Halloween spirit with your little ones: From getting your children dressed up to reading them a cozy story there will be times spent together having fun. 1. Get your little ones dressed up Children love pretending and getting dressed up and Halloween is the perfect time for doing […]

Having fun!!!

Learning is easier if it is fun and to make it fun we need to provide children with a playful environment. The more fun the environment, the more a child will want to stay with it. We know children learn in a variety of ways but we all recognize that play is an important vehicle […]

Languages4kidz interactive Spanish Books

I sincerely hope this message finds you and your loved ones well and in good health. The past few months haven’t been easy and I would say full of challenges for many around the world.  We at Languages4kidz have been concentrating our efforts on working hard to convert our Collection of Picture Books in Spanish to […]

An inviting atmosphere for dual language learners

For many of our dual language learners the classroom is the focal point of their English/Spanish exposure. It is the base of where, when, why and how they speak English or Spanish. That’s why the physical appearance of the classroom in itself is so important. We recommend teachers to try to give the impression to little ones […]

Back to school is just around the corner!

A new school year will begin soon! We are all about to say goodbye to our Summer vacations and  then prepare for a great start! So before we get there my suggestion for parents is to start their children on a routine in advance. This will ease the transition and help the whole family get […]

Be natural and make it fun while speaking in the target language at all times

“Immerse” children directly and immediately into the target language from the first opening day or hour of class. Be natural and make it fun. It is crucial to the success of your program that you speak in the target language all the time. Keep your language simple but natural, and keep it at their level. […]

Do you believe every child is a genius?

Do you believe every child is a genius?  I do. I believe that children are born with wonder, curiosity, awe, spontaneity, vitality, flexibility, and many other characteristics of a joyous being which are particular characteristics of being a genius. Young children master a complex symbol system (their own native language) without any formal instructions and […]

A colors rhyme

Poems and nursery rhymes are a great way to engage children in the repetition of concepts and vocabulary introduced. Here is a color rhyme to recite with your class. Invite them to follow your actions. Point to the color you recite as you do the movement. If your clothes have any red, Put your finger […]

Reading to very young learners

Reading to very young learners is an effective and enjoyable way to expose them to a foreign language. Children of all ages love to be read to. When you read out loud, you are teaching about communication, and helping young children build their listening and memory skills. You are giving them information about the world. […]

Story time: Reading aloud to children in their early years

When we are working with little ones Story Time becomes an essential component of each of your lessons. Reading to children lays the foundation for a love of reading throughout their lives. In your classes, it contributes in a particularly unique way to the development of the target language, whether it is Spanish or English. […]

Get ready for the new school year

Get ready for the new school year We are at the beginning of a new school year and parents and children are busy shopping for school supplies and clothing and teachers are getting ready to welcome their new group of children. Teachers are busy planning activities for the first days of school. These activities will […]

Teaching kids with songs

Teaching with songs is an amazing tool for helping young children acquire a new language. Singing with children can be a fun and valuable experience. When you sing with young children, you can adjust the speed and volume to fit their abilities. You don’t need to sound like a professional singer. As long as you […]

Singing in class

I am one of those bilingual teachers that love singing. It brightens my day and brings joy to the children and parents around me. Here is a video of some songs I demonstrated to teachers while in a training session in China. Through songs, little ones can explore new thematic units in context, learn and […]