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Celebrate Halloween with little ones

By Graciela Castellanos

Celebrate Halloween with little ones.

Halloween is just around the corner.

For many, it’s a season of thrills and chills, but when you have young children around, it takes on a different, but equally enchanting, dimension. The magic of Halloween can be shared with little ones in ways that spark their imagination and create cherished memories.


In this blog post, we’ll explore several creative and age-appropriate ways to celebrate Halloween with young kids keeping in mind that we should prioritize their safety above all else.


So, get ready to celebrate Halloween with little kids, where “spooktacular” becomes “boo-tiful.”


Try these fun activities and share the Halloween spirit with your little ones: From getting your children dressed up to reading them a cozy story there will be times spent together having fun.



1. Get your little ones dressed up

Children love pretending and getting dressed up and Halloween is the perfect time for doing so! Keep in mind that with little ones you don’t want nor have to dress them up as something big and scary to get in the Halloween spirit, so try a fun, simple and easy to wear costume.


Remember comfort and safety should come first. Stay away from outfits that are too tight, have long tails, or make it hard to see.


Encourage creativity by involving your kids in choosing their costumes. Give examples of costume ideas that are appropriate for their age, like cute animals, characters from their favorite books, or classic Halloween characters like witches and superheroes.


2. Make some treats together

Share easy and fun Halloween recipes children will love helping you make. Some ideas are: mummy hot dogs, cupcakes with monster themes, or fruit “pumpkins.”


Engage all of their senses – seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting while cooking some special treats. Let them be creative and use their imagination to come up with their own fun ideas. Letting kids help make these treats, will be a fun way to spend time together in the kitchen.


Check out Foodbites which has lots of ideas for making this activity fun and engaging for little ones.


3. Let them have fun with our Halloween Booklet with fun printable activities, arts and crafts ideas

Little witches and goblins can have lots of fun with our Halloween activities booklet and making arts and crafts for Halloween.


Help them make some hanging ghosts, a witch poster for pinning the nose to the witch, make some silly monsters or make a jack-o-lantern together. Print our Halloween cards and play memory or matching, try to find new words in our Halloween search or make their own skeleton. Try out some other Halloween project ideas, like making handprint ghosts, masks out of paper plates, or scary spider decorations.


Get creative and sparkle your child’s curiosity and imagination using different textures, materials and some silly colors. They’ll love taking part in preparing decorations for the house and marvel with delight when they see the finished results.


Make it an unforgettable part of the Halloween celebration.



4. Read to them some not-so-scary stories 

Halloween is a good time to snuggle in bed with your little ones and read to them some books. You may want to use Halloween-themed picture books and classic tales that are not so scary to introduce children to themes of trick-or-treating, dressing up, Jack-o-lanterns, monsters,  witches and goblins, such as, “Room on the Broom” or “Little Blue Truck’s Halloween.”


Check out this cute book about not so scary monsters from Languages4kidz with FREE interactive activities.


In English:
From top to bottom
In Spanish:


Family movie nights are also a fun way to get into the holiday mood. Watch a kid-friendly movie like “Casper the Friendly Ghost” or old cartoons like “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”


5. Sing some fun Halloween songs

Introduce Halloween vocabulary to your little ones by singing songs, acting out the different characters and dancing together making silly, fun movements. Here are some not so scary Halloween songs in English and Spanish that will get children into the spirit singing, moving and learning!

Music is a great way to engage children because it is a natural and enjoyable part of their everyday lives. It contributes to children’s progress and learning in many different areas, and most importantly in the area of language development. These Spanish Halloween songs have enough repetition that kids can sing along after hearing the songs a few times.


5 Calabazas by Languages4kidz

Halloween song by Languages4kidz

Check out our Halloween songs at our YouTube Channel.

6. Let them have fun with our Halloween online interactive activities

Little ones can have lots of fun with our  FREE online interactive activities: Puzzles, matching, memory cards, drawing and coloring , crosswords and more.


In English

In Spanish    


Last but not least, prepare for trick-or-treat night ensuring your child’s safety.

  • Make sure they have reflective elements on their costumes or use glow sticks to stay visible.
  • Stress the importance of parental supervision, even if your child is old enough to walk independently.
  • Walk with them and check all candy before consumption. Have a rule in place for only accepting candy from trusted sources, like neighbors and close friends.
  • Start early and return home before it gets too dark, especially for younger kids.
  • Make sure kids understand why certain rules are in place and how to stay safe.
  • When kids attend Halloween parties or receive candy, check both store-bought and home-baked treats for allergens.

We hope you and your little ones have a safe and happy Halloween!!!!