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Songs for kids – Languages4kidz – YouTube channel

By First Spanish Team

Songs for kids in English and Spanish in our YouTube channel

Check out our YouTube channel with songs for kids in Spanish and English.

When exposing little ones to an additional language musical activities such as songs, nursery rhymes and finger plays are an excellent resource for introducing a particular theme, develop children’s understanding and continuously build up, practice and reinforce the vocabulary in a way that makes it easy for children to follow along.

Sing songs and carry out the corresponding actions to make it fun and engaging. Even though, children cannot understand everything that is said, they will be learning many words that will form the basis for the target language later in their lives.

I also suggest pairing a song with a picture book theme and singing it after reading aloud to them.

Each of our picture books includes a song at the end that children can learn and sing as they practice the target language.

Music is an excellent way to engage young children because it is a natural and enjoyable part of their everyday lives. It contributes to children’s progress and learning in many different areas and most importantly in the area of language development.

Languages4kidz musical products include familiar songs and melodies, finger plays and nursery rhymes that have been passed down from one generation to the next. Some have been adapted to foster the development of children’s skills in the target language. Others have been created to enlighten vocabulary that are an important part of children’s lives, such as people (family members, teachers, friends), objects (clothing, furniture, cars, bikes), daily rituals (brushing teeth, bedtime), and memorable events (holidays, going on a field trip).

Check out some of the songs in Spanish and English in our YouTube channel. And if you want to download them to your mobile device in minutes visit our SHOP.

Here are two samples. Enjoy!!!