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Learning a new language, a priority for your child

By First Spanish Team

Make learning a new language a priority for your child!

A new year is here and with it the willingness to try new things, to discover new possibilities for your children!

This new year, why not make a priority to expose your child to a new language? Research has proven the numerous benefits of getting in contact with a new language early in life and parents from all over the world know how important learning a second language has become in this globalized world.

Our suggestion is to start as early as they are babies. Make it fun and enjoyable for them. Talk to them and read them stories in the new language. Sing them songs in the new language. As they grow older plan arts and crafts activities using new vocabulary. Watch a movie in the new language with them and then talk about it. Choose a time during the day for speaking only the new language at home. Enjoy yourself using the new language and in this way boost your child’s curiosity and respect for other languages.

Maybe you can form or join a play group to practice the new language with your child. In this way you will be spending quality time with your child and contributing to his/her preparation for the future.

Look for materials that can guide you such as our picture books.  You can also find helpful guidance and complete lesson plans in Languages4kidz Teaching Resources for Spanish – My First Spanish and English – Mi Primer Inglés.

Visit Languages4kidz new Brands websites and see for yourself!