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10 gift ideas for your little language learners

By First Spanish Team

10 gift ideas for your little language learners!!!

December is here, so let the magic in!!!

We have come up with a few ideas for your little language learners. All kids love books and they love to be read to. This Season let them enjoy books in a different language while having FUN!

We have paired our beautiful and engaging books in Spanish and English with a few toys and other non-toys that will delight your young language learners and will encourage them to practice their Spanish and English skills.

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1) Recipes for a healthy snack/Recetas graciosas y saludables. 

These two books can go perfectly with a set of cookie cutters or a chef’s costume. After reading the book they may want to make their own magic wands or decorate crackers.


2) You shine!/¡Brillarás!

We have paired our beautiful and engaging books in Spanish and English with a few toys and other non-toys that will delight your young language learners and will encourage them to practice reading You Shine! and/or ¡Brillarás! Children love dinosaurs and the characters, the words and the delightful illustrations help make this story engaging and easy for young children to follow. You can pair this story with a dinosaur puzzle game to practice the alphabet in both languages and to build dinosaur words. Or a t-shirt with dinosaurs that they can wear when reading the book.

  Spanish Picture Book    

3) Who’s coming to eat with me?/¿Quién viene a comer conmigo?

This is a fun picture book for little ones with easy text and onomatopoeic sounds. This may go very well with a soft plush toy that they can play with as they make the sounds in the book.


4) A day at the beach/Un día en la playa

Through this book a young child explores the many things he can see, hear, smell, taste and touch when he is at the beach on a beautiful Summer day. Then he/she may play with a fun beach set or start a sea shells collection.


5) Can you see what I see?/¿Puedes ver lo que yo veo?

This picture book introduces children to the five senses. Encourage them to explore and practice the new words with a pair of binoculars or a senses box.


6) We’re going camping/Vamos de campamento

In this lovely picture book animal babies go camping with their tutors. They engage in different activities and sports and have fun together. After reading the book children will love to cuddle in a sleeping bag inside a tepee.


7) Pets, pets, pets/Mascotas, mascotas, mascotas

This picture book story encourages young children to explore basic vocabulary about pets while helping them feel comfortable around them. A lovely set of hand puppets may encourage children to practice the words in the story. They can also pretend to become a Veterinarian and play with a Vet’s kit.



8) Ms. Wishy-Washy cleans her house/La Sra. Chaca-Chaca limpia su casa

This picture book introduces children to vocabulary about the parts of a house. While Ms. Wishy-Washy cleans, there are different musical instruments playing and making funny sounds to enlighten her actions. Check out this practical bag for kids with some musical instruments.



9) Ms. Wishy-Washy and her animals parade/La Srta. Chaca-Chaca y el desfile de sus animales

Join Ms. Wishy-Washy as she prepares her farm animals for the town’s parade. Children learn about farm animals and unusual words to describe how good they look. They can engage in a paper bag crafts project or they can play with a barnyard set.


10) Teddy bear, teddy bear sleep with me/Osito de peluche duerme conmigo

This lovely book features a sweet little baby and his favorite toys engaged in different activities throughout the day. After reading the book you can give your child this teddy bear. It will make a great gift for your little one.



We hope your children enjoy the books and the fun toys that may go together with them!