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The importance of teaching a second language to little ones

By First Spanish Team

Teaching a second or a third language to children during their first years of life has become a trend.

Today, all the research conducted regarding foreign language learning makes emphasis on all the benefits it brings to children and their future in a globalized world.

We have come to realize how young babies can discriminate between sounds with ease. We know they can learn two languages simultaneously, through play, songs, stories and appropriate activities in a fun and natural way as long as they are regularly interacting with speakers of both languages. We know about the benefits that learning a new language brings to children’s whole development and to their future in life.

More and more cities have become a multicultural melting pot and if we want our children to succeed in this kind of scenario we need to start exposing them to a second or third language as soon as they are born.

In this way they will be ready to communicate and relate to other people from other parts of the world and hence appreciate their perspectives and their cultures.

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If you speak Spanish or English and you love young children maybe it is time for you to consider teaching them and becoming an entrepreneur. We will be glad to guide you and help you in your journey to creating a community of early language learners.